How to Spot a Good Car Insurance Company

When it comes to choosing a good car insurance policy, the best one totally depends on the individual who wants to buy. Buying car insurance depends on various factors like your driving history, whether the car is old, is it used regularly or rarely, or is it a fancy model. The pricing of the policy mainly depends on these factors. With so many companies in the bandwagon, how to choose a good car insurance company? Here are some tips that will help you choose the right firm:

Do your Research

It is still the norm for a motorist to contact a local broker or start making telephone calls to various car insurance companies. However, the best thing to do is start the search online. There are lots of insurance companies listed on comparison sites where you can check their prices and there are plenty of review sites you can check them out on. Be a little cynical when you do this; it is not unknown for certain companies to post favourable reviews about themselves but conversely a lot of complaints are made by people who have 'tried it on' but not got away with it. They tend to shout long and loudly but you can usually spot them. Despite these unreliable reports there are a lot of fair and honest ones too so by reading between the lines you could get a fair idea of what others think about these insurers. Check on any news reports about them; disputes with clients are quite newsworthy and reports can tell you a great deal about them. You may find both negative and positive factors but at least you will be in a position to make a more informed decision.

How established are they?

An insurance company which has been around for the odd century or two is much more likely to be dependable than one which was set up recently.

Are their prices realistic?

At a time when most people are looking for a cheap quote it is still best to remember that if an offer looks too good to be true, then it  probably is.

What about 'extras'?

Many companies charge heavy fees to alter your policy if you inform them of a change of address, car, job, etc. You have no choice but to tell them of course because failing to do so could invalidate your policy. Most of the better insurers charge very little or nothing at all. This is yet another good reason for reading policy documents carefully before handing over any money - be very carful of insurers whose prices for these minor services seem excessive.

Which country are they registered in?

There are many excellent insurers operating from countries such as Gibraltar but remember that their supervision levels may not be as strict as those that UK registered companies work under, you may not be able to appeal to the Insurance Ombudsman in the event of a problem and settling a dispute through the courts could be more difficult and costly.

How easy is it to contact them?

Car insurance prices are soaring most years and it forces many people to choose the cheapest option available. However, do not compromise on the quality of the company. They should be easy to contact and ready to give you fast and clear answers to any questions you may have. Beware of companies that can only be contacted via email; you may find yourself jumping through hoops to process a claim.

Upon Choosing the Insurance Company

If in any doubt telephone the company. Can you reach a real person quickly or are you fobbed off with an automated answering service? Is the person you speak to professional and knowledgeable? A personal conversation with the insurance company staff could give you that added confidence and help you to build a rapport with the agent who is selling you the insurance policy. Remember that everything is negotiable; you can often get a much better deal if you ask!

Be careful when talking to insurers, however ...

A car insurance company will typically try to oversell their products to you. You may be looking only for insurance, but if you are not careful they may talk you into buying several of their tailored miniature products. These tiny products can actually end up creating a huge insurance bill. For example, they may sell 'free' legal cover, or a 'guaranteed' courtesy car in the event of an accident. Before you buy, check if any addition is one that you are really going to need. Say no when you have to!

Annual Revision of Policy

Do not blindly renew the same car insurance plan every year. Go through the ritual of shopping for car insurance every year when it is a month from falling due. There are many fish in the sea and you should use them to your benefit.

At the end of it all, finding a good car insurance company is not that big of a challenge these days, as you have all the information that you need at your finger tips, on your computer keyboard, tablet or smartphone.


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